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10 June 2008

Australia Trip - Part1

Skytrain to Terminal dunno what,

had Sakae for lunch, airport outlet so expensive!!

What about souvenir for mr.Bao??
Some say chopsticks are exotic goods in Aust...

I hope he likes it...

FREE shuttle to Budget Terminal

There was a bunch of China tourists talking loudly & weighing their bags.

To my horror, the woman (with the red bag), opened up her water bottle & emptied the remaining liquid onto the floor!!

Absolutely disgusted by such behavior. (Don't believe ask the security show you the CCTV tapes)

A complete Mac meal for 50cent, how does it work?

150 points - Cheese burger
(small coke $1 + small fries $1.50) = $2.50 - $2 voucher

It's gonna be a long boring flight...

Middle of the night, we transit @ Darwin, surprisingly the weather is warm as Singapore..

Although I swear to avoid fast-food @ all cost, but unfortunately this is the only affordable meals in the Airport, but it still cost over S$11

Melbourne here I come~


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