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30 June 2008

Australia Trip - Part11

still at Hunters Valley...

Rosemount Estate is the name

a barrel full of discarded bottles..

Rosemount O 2007 is good, sadly I didn't have enough local currencies..

Another stopover for pictures of the beautiful countryside...

Coin-operated BBQ pit just like the one we have in school...

Surprisingly, lunch wasn't included in the very expensive day tour! The last time I came, we had a

wonderful beef steak lunch @ a local winery.

Eventually, we found ourselves at some expensive tourist-cafeteria with a so-call 25% discount for

YHA members. This piece of overcooked chicken + fries above cost ~A$12.50 (S$17.50).

An archaeologist would appreciate this because the meat is tough as fossil

probably the biggest bottle in the world!

3rd winery. I was here 6-years ago, it was harvest season back then. The foreground you see in the

photo was filled with tanks of freshly plugged grapes & busy forklifts.

4,500 litres barrel.

I read that celebrities would purchase the whole barrel in advance. When they need a drink, the

winery would bottle some & ship it to them.

Our guide call this winery HOPE-less

cheese tasting @ the Smelly Cheese Shop

Very mouth watering but no thanks, it's cold here...

Despite the tourist-price, I really wanted to buy the cheese. Unfortunately, they have to be kept

refrigerated. =(

In the end I picked a very tasty mild blue cheese for Bao as gift...

Here's our last yet haunted winery... not!

The abandoned house reminds me of the fully destructible physics in

Family run winery, this is what people refer to as "boutique

, small & limited quantities, not exported.

It is like we are entering somebody's home...

We had wines (which are pretty bad in my opinion) while the

owner talks about horse psychology & stuff...

I was "trapped" in this living room & had no choice but

to swallow this generous yet horrible vintage...

With my hands empty, we were sent back to the Hunters Valley YHA...

Vegetable garden @ the back of the hostel.

The sky turns purple as the sun sets, you don't see it in Singapore...
I know it doesn't looks purple in the

pic, damn N80

Dinner @ a small Japanese restaurants run by Japanese & local Jap students


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