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23 April 2008

S$0.10 goes to Charity for every PONG/NANG on this post

What to do with the Nuffnang Ad Band-22 money? The best idea I can think of is giving some back to the society..

So, for every Innit's Nang or's Pong, S$0.10 will be donated to charity (including my own). The total number of Nangs + Pongs after 24-hours will be recorded.

e.g. (100 Nangs + 100 Pongs) x $0.10
= 200 x $0.10
= S$20

  • The upper-limit will be the Band-22 amount, not affected by Nuffnang's $1 admin fee
  • Donation will be made after the Nuffnang cheque has been received & paid
  • Donation will be paid in cash to any McDonald outlet's donation box
  • Donation process will be videotaped & posted as evidence

Do let me know if there are any other local charity organizations that accepts Paypal, coz I don't have a credit card nor GIRO nor eNets nor a checking account. =)


Anonymous_X said...

Why not for 'every READ'? =\

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