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03 September 2007

SAFRA Open Day2: Kenneth's 11-0 Thrashing

Sudden downpour while on my way to Toa Payoh...

Jyh proudly on duty for SAFRA (free labor)

Bryan got "banged" from behind *ouch*

"No Let"

我偷拍到 Mr.Wong 偷拍 (",)

Mr.Wong: "Eh.. Don't blog me LEH !"

Yawn no more, main event is here!!!

Main Event:

Kenneth (SP) vs Melvin Low (TP)

Exclusively @

Kenneth's 11-0 thrashing victory over his opponent!!!

2 very-over-enthu spectators...

That Benson guy is damn good...

Time 2 go makan...

Mao's favorite store -- Cash Converter (-_-)"

Mao's favorite dish -- 猪肠粉

Yum yum...

Coming soon on :

Mysterious RGS Squash Girl Identity Revealed !!!


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