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15 September 2007


Inspired by the Ratatouille rat,

Yihao started reading cook books...

Meli: "where's Jyh Yong?"

Jyh is LATE, as usual!!!

Jyh owes 4 of us $$$ for his movie ticket...

Hey, pay me or u'll never see ur racket again!!!

Jyh surfing his fan club website @ Cathay!

Yes, it's officially launched:

Went paradiz for lunch,
foodcourt looks "inedible"...

The store conned Yihao with a fresh but watery dessert...

偷 kachang puteh 的小女孩

quick lah, movie start already...

silent ur phones pls...

i mean the sweets inside Jianhuiii's bag

Not bad, storyline a bit draggy,
but the CG is excellent!!!

Announcement box already said "training cancelled", yet Gary went to sch...

Did Gary got Punk'd by Jyh?

The place was so bored & quiet.... zzzzzzzzz

Suddenly, Kenneth found the hidden Treasure!!!

CHOCOLATES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jyh Yong immediately wake up with a smile on his face

Chocolates for everyone...

except EnQi... zzz

Meli's opponent fr TP was DISQUALIFIED,

think becoz she entered plate as a 2nd round loser...

wadeva the reason is,


A friendly match relieves the "pain" for all of us who come all the way to Toa Payoh

Who's Jyh trying to impress??


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