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16 September 2007

F1: Belgian Grand Prix

Photos of the F1 Belgian Grand Prix Qualifying Race:

I like the game-like visual displays (or whatever u like to call it)

Raikkonen on the soft-compound tyre.

Hamilton on the hard ones...

I'm kinda new to this sport, can some1 tell me what's the diff??

Ohh, dangerous over-taking manoeuvre <-- I can never spell this word without the help of a dictionary =S

The McLaren pit stop crew

The Ferrari pit stop crew

A fuel-burning Q3, how environmentally unfriendly

Did greenpeace say anything abt F1?

Lewis lost control & went spinning into the sand...

P1 for Massa, Hamilton still to come...

P1 for the Iceman!!!

Final result as show in the pic: It's a Ferrari 1,2

Joy in the Ferrari garage

Transmission error again?! REFUND!!!


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