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19 February 2008

Lydia Sum (沈殿霞) is dead

Watch the news video here (in Chinese:)


Anonymous said...

piang... can use a nicer title anot...

Anonymous said...

I know every blogger have the right to blog what they want. But your entry is the most useless piece of info. The news is everywhere on the newspaper and internet. And u posted a title which lead people to click it, and tot u might be talking something about her death (for example u love her show or grew up watching her show or whatever).

And u just put a video where anybody can find it. Please please please, I know u want to gian viewership by putting news that people will want to read after work (for example our local MC King case), but AT LEAST WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT HER, if not u blog about her for what?

U are not an old man, or some childish ass from yout profile, act wiser if u are not. If not, dun post something like this next time.


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is for u!


x-sling said...

Come on, this entry is really the worst entry i've ever click n read! jus a video and u want to create an entry about it? are u an attention seeker?

pui to u like wat km80 did!

(>^-^)> said...

aiyaaa km80

shouldn't have posted the blog link onto yours.

now i'm in one of his recent viewers.


and yea... the blog is very informative... NOT..

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