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05 February 2008

Apple MacBook Air Disassembled (pictures)

Pictures of Apple MacBook Air disassembled:

After the casing the taken off, you can see the large battery taking up most of the space. Do expect OEMs to come out with cheaper alternatives for replacement.

Measuring a mere 0.5cm and "weighing" in 80GB is the highest capacity Samsung has to offer for a single platter 1.8" hard drive.

It runs at the standard 4200rpm and based on PATA interface. Yes, its the same as those used in iPod Classic 80GB. I wonder why they didn't used a 64GB or even 128GB SSD instead.

At the heart of the fruit is the custom-made (shrink-sized) 20W Intel Core2Duo based on the Merom core. The one next to it is the low-power GS965 chipset.

8x1Gb modules on both sides makes up a total of 2GB, running at DDR2-667.

After removing a total of 88 screws.



Laura123 said...

Leave it to OEM's to come up with new batteries - you are 100 percent correct!

that's cool.

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