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29 February 2008

Fish & Co Outing

Met my daughter (whom was very late),

& Sya (whom was unusually early) to eat Fish & Co.

Me taking photo of her

taking photo of me...

Sya & I both ordered some passion fruit drink which reminds of the one @ Cafe Galare.

(Taken from her blog)

I had soup;
She had soap

My weird dish,

Sya was wondering if its edible...

She apparently doesn't think so...

Sya was overwhelmed by the sambal chili...

I thought u said u were "VERY HUNGRY"?

She started throwing tantrums,

& threw food onto the floor...

& started messing up my plate..

How disgraceful!!!

Pasir Malam selling cars?!

Took them to walk the long way to my place, lol...

Someone please call the security guards!!

Toopid daughter act fierce somemore...

Although we were in the same lift, but somehow they alighted @ the wrong level..

Sya & I played Crysis for the rest of the afternoon...


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