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21 February 2008

AMD Dual-Core Sempron Benchmark

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The low-end market segment is moving towards dual-core. In order to remain competitive with the Celeron E1000 series, AMD released the dual core Semprons in China, the one being tested today is the Sempron 2100+ @ 1.8Ghz.

S - Sempron
DO - 65W
2100 - Model 2100+
I - Socket AM2
A - 1.35v
A - Max Temperature
4 - 2x256Kb L2
DD - Brisbane core
0804 - Made at 4th week of 2008

Misidentified as 4700+

Test platform:

AMD Sempron 2100+ 65nm (200×9=1.8G HT: 800MHz 256Kx2 L2)
AMD A64 X2 3600+ 90nm (200×10=2.0GB HT: 1000MHz 256K×2 L2)
Intel Celeron E1200 65nm (200×8=1.6G FSB: 800MHz 512K shared L2)

AMD 570X+SB600
Intel P35+ICH9R

Memory: PNY DDR2-1066 2x1GB (real run DDR2-800)
Storage: Seagate ST33206620AS
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT

OS: Windows XP Pro SP2 + DirectX 9.0c
Driver: NVIDIA ForceWare 169.09


The Sempron is rather on-par with the Celeron.

AMD's never good at Superpi.

The Celeron beats all Intel's offerings here.

Once again, the Sempron is on-par with the Celeron.

Game Tests:

Sempron takes the lead in the pretty CPU-dependent Serious Sam 2.

Celeron takes a narrow lead over the rest.

Both performs very closely.



FSB (HTT): 355Mhz
Vcore: 1.55v
Frequency: 3012Mhz

Pricing (as of time of publishing):

AMD Sempron 2100+ RMB$409

Intel Celeron Dual Core E1200 RMB$450

RMB1 = S$0.197


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