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21 February 2008

East Coast "Seafood" Outing

It took use 3 modes of transports (MRT+Bus+Taxi) just to get to East Coast (-_-)"

It turned out our taxi driver uncle has a science degree & 30-years of sec sch teaching experience!

Poor Jacob waited like 90min for us?

And somehow I got 'blamed' for making somebody wait & most of us didn't even know that he's coming =X

Nah, it's not a single bike...

Zzzing Rong cycling for the first time...

There's the extremely weak guy..

The EVIL woman

Doing nothing

The love birds...

Are we going for seafood one anot??

Ok, someone screwed the schedule & it became impractical to have seafood

Ended up eating Kenny Rogers

Satay @ Lau Pa Sat


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