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25 July 2009

Kota Kinabalu Holiday Part 1: $30 Flight; RM30 Room

Sya enjoying his Popeye @ Changi Airport

Seriously, we almost missed our flight because someone was late...

Goodbye Singapore, I'll be back~

2-hour plus flight to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

For the first time, taxi fare to Changi Airport cost more than the flight itself :S

Sergeant WeiYuan plotting his check points & MGR...

Taxi to anywhere in the city of RM20

Good thing about KK is that city centre is barely 10min ride from airport!

Choices of accomodation is plenty, we manage to hunt down the Velvet which we found earlier on the internet..

Lounge @ 2nd floor

Rooms @ 3rd floor, there are only 5 rooms!

RM30/bed night inclusive of breakfast, what a bargain!

Comes with free wifi internet...

or you can pay RM3 for an hour of internet

Breakfast the next morning...

Milk tea + kaya toast + hard boil eggs,
not too bad when you're paying RM30/night!

Part 1: $30 Flight; RM30 Room
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ZQ Travel Blog said...

Am planning a trip to Kota Kinabalu too.. noticed from your part I that u stayed in Velvet hostel and for Part II in Lavender Lodge.. which one is better?


Anonymous said...

We did not stayed at lavenders, mearly checking it out. There are more rooms there then at velvet though, might want to take that into consideration. That said, we enjoyed a cozy, faultless 2 nights at velvet. Both are good choices, but I would go for the velvet again. Hope that helps.

LLY said...

Thanks for your comments. We were informed by the manager at Velvet that there are only five rooms.

Where are the rest of the rooms if there are more?

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