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28 December 2008


One week have passed, but training haven't really started. Can't say much about our training schedule & stuffs due to "security reasons", but seems like all book outs days are on Saturdays! Damn. And the food is horrible! I begin to miss the Tekong Cookhouse already.

We had IPPT yesterday morning, getting a Pass is as good as failing, since both have to stay back on Saturday for extra PT. Most of my section mates were aiming for a Silver, saying Gold is impossible bla bla bla. This kind of mindset is just not right for a future commander if you ask me. Heard of the saying "Aim for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars."? (Pls don't be lame and come tell me the nearest star is how many lightyears away) As for me, my only aim is for gold, nothing else.

So, 5 points for sit-up, 5 points for chin-ups, 5 points for SBJ, 4 points for shuttle run (3rd attempt after fouling twice), I'm on my way for gold! The route for 2.4km run was a difficult one, as there is a up slope section plus a U-turn. Wearing my own Nike Air running shoes did help, more on the mental side I would say. Though i missed gold by about 3~5sec, I'm happy to have clocked my best personal timing, for that i check-out!


Johnny said...

2.4 run is always the most difficult ones. Lucky me ORD liao, not required to run any more. Though miss the extra cash lor.

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