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21 December 2008

Bali Vacation Part2

Breakfast: banana pancake at the hotel

FREE wifi at half the restaurants, I like...

Fish & Chips for lunch.
Turned out they used tuna, interesting choice...

Went to look around the place, its disappointing to see most shops are selling mass produced souvenirs... And walking from hotel to the shopping centre, we passed-by 7, yes SEVEN, D&G outlets -.-

Road is blocked for some rituals.
We were advised not to take photo from the front..

Gosh, look at what computer the travel agency is using!

Big-o-CRT, printer running on printer ports & no USB ports, antique

Lunch @ another wifi-enabled-restaurant

Huge Ripcurl outlet, no sale, no discount...

Back to the Rp40,000 place for dinner, had mixed grill this time round...


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