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24 December 2008

Bali Vacation Part3

If you think Bali is purely a beach resort place, then you are very wrong. FYI, this island is about 8 times the size of Singapore, and today (though I'm not really interested) we are going to see the Volcano...

Some temple, we almost mistook it as the one with Holy Water...

There's the Volcano. Long story short, we skipped one of the main temples because the tour guide told us that "the local villagers are dangerous"

Rice terrace, one of the places of interest... I can't wait to go back to hotel

We were very fortunate to have such good weather, for now is monsoon season & "by right" raining everyday.

Lunch the next day:

Starter + Main + Drink, guess how much the above cost?

S$7+ only

Bali Bombing 2002 Memorial

Finally a shop with CUSTOMERS!

Quiksilver products from 50~80% discount, whee~

AGAIN, another meal @ the Rp 40,000 grilled tuna place...
I had Sirlion steak this time, taste average

Goodbye Bali~

Hello Singapore~


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