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08 December 2008

Clark Quay Meetup

Finally get to meet up with Wong & Jacob...

Unfortunately, Ah Long & Seb were un-contactable

Wong taking photos like a mad tourist,
showing off his newly bought camera...

The place was very quiet, everybody is running Marathon ya?
Anyway, we settled for a ramen restaurants which is said to have a long queue every night..

My $12, non-spicy ramen..
Disappointingly, I'd say instant noodle taste better @ 1/10 of the price

Some ang moh clowns/jugglers walking around, is there some event going on?

Had some snacks at the basement...

Candy making similar to the one seen on Discovery Channel,
that roll of sugar is enough to last me for a life-time!

While, Wong, armed with his camera, makes full use of his 8GB memory card.

Tourists enjoying a hell of a ride,

they zoomed past a few feet above our head...

Hmmm, time to update Google Earth

Can you tell which are the photos that were taken with Wong camera?


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