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10 July 2008

Australia Trip - Part15

Railway Square

& their train carriage room..

Google Maps: Railway

Square YHA

Hint: Store your luggage in YHA lockers, its 3x

cheaper than outside ones & you don't have to be a member/staying there to

use them...

Burger King for dinner, they call it Hungry Jacks there for some reason,

guess its a trademark issue...

Pigeons flying & pooping everywhere, those crazy football fans made the

Friday night worse...

FREE travelpass giveaway!

I wonder who took it in the end...

Finally we are back @ Melbourne!!!

Google Maps: GPO Melbourne

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Google Earth

Took tram all the way to the edge of Zone 1, the max our travelpass allows...

Everybody drives here, except 2 idiots who WALKED here...

Google Maps: Essendon DFO

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Google Earth

No good deals @ all, everything is identical to the DFO in the city... sucks~

Headed back to the city to meet Bao, again...

Had dinner in the same Ferrari decorated Italian restaurant @ Lygon St

Excellent pasta @ a reasonable price...


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