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23 September 2009

HK + Macau Good Food Trip 2009: Day 2

breakfast at one of the many many "HK cafes" scattered throughout the city..

Kenneth had a typical "big breakfast",

while I had a pork chop noodle, yummy~

took a tram downtown for some shopping...

the tram broke down --- at the very stop we wanted to alight

erm, thanks for the free ride ;)

what a name!

just as I bought my shoes & step outside the shop,
they started giving out free ice-cream! =D

星光大道 or Avenue of Stars...

we visited my mr.Bao's favourite pornstar's star at the Avenue of Stars,

張伯芝 Cecilia Cheung!

having failed to find Edison Chen's star, we headed to the Intercontinental hotel where.

On our way up, we found a HK$20 note.

what a day! =D

there was a large crowd (mostly teenagers) gathered outside the Space Museum just as we were passing thru...


having escaped just before the riot begin, we boarded the Star Ferry, one of the top attractions in Hong Kong, which has been running for a 100-years before I was born!

the famous 蘭芳園, where the legend says 絲襪奶茶 was invented

(before you click that 'post comment' button, do take note that i'll not start another "Who Invented Chicken Rice" war with anyone)

simple yet delicious chicken chop noodle with meshed spring onion & ginger,
hope i got the translation right..

Q: how do you judge the quality & popularity of a restaurant?

A: the number of newspaper/magazine cuttings they put up...

hey! wait a minute... isn't that..

its Mr.No-Reservations! Anthony Bourdain!!

i bet the restaurant owner doesn't understand English & has no clue that the article is also praising his bitter rival just across the road ;)

THE photo spot for the heavy firepower DSLR "gang members"

it's nice to see Alonso speeding down the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps at the comfort of our hotel room...

zoom zoom~

to be continued...


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