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22 September 2009

HK + Macau Good Food Trip 2009: Day 1

the journey begins at Changi Airport where we were welcomed with a BSoD (Blue Screen of Death)

it took us over an hour to find this hotel... should have printed a map!

Ice House Serviced Apartment

booked earlier thru some China travel site,
3 nights for the price of 2, best deal I could find on the net...

well, its call Ice House for a reason...

some pictures of the room:

it was later that we realized they upgraded our room to a much larger one =D

the world-famous skyline of Hong Kong,
light show nightly @ 8pm...

somehow bumped into a luxury supermarket after dinner,
photo showing some exotic rice from different parts of Japan - stored in a fridge..

you've gotta look at this...

they sell spring water from all over the world: Japan, Italy, France...
a litre of H2o will set you back at S$11!

I officially support the ban of bottled water


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