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06 September 2009

NUFFNANG INVITES: Boeing 747 vs Porsche Carrera

I am honored to be invited by Nuffnang to attend this exclusive event, featuring a race between a Boeing 747 vs Porsche Carrera 911 GT3, first time in Asia!

arrived @ T3 with my fellow PTI...

we were given a very nicely printed visitor pass...

buffet lunch & performances at the departure lounge. It was kinda awkward as my friend & I didn't know anyone there...

Dining by the runway...

Desserts... and stop drooling onto your keyboard!

transport for the VIPs to the grandstand located just 200m away -.-"

airport staff getting ready for the race...

yes, we were all made to wear the luminous vest...

look at how high they threw her up!

Seet cheering for his favourite airline as it took off in front of us (-_-)"

Hi!!! to the Discovery Channel tv crew

passengers in the SIA flight waving to us,
they must be wondering what the heck is going on?

as if the weather wasn't hot enough,
here comes the beautiful race queens!

the car somehow refused to start,
while the driver is being cooked alive inside that cockpit..

off he goes!

burnt rubber aroma therapy anyone?

the Jett8 Cargo plane on its way to the starting line..
how about a couple of warm-up laps?

the ACES kept the crowd entertained as the plane slowly taxi down to the start line...

the aircraft did not go on the first run, check out the video on the real race:

the Porsche won!! but how close was that?!

how about we have a JetStar vs Helicopter?

we had a good time @ T3, my friend was glad that he could keep that luminous vest, perhaps for his CWO

Thank you once again to Nuffnang (especially Raine) for inviting us to this event, we appreciate it a lot =)


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