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09 September 2008

Comex 2008

I just realized that I'm too lazy to blog these days, so now there's some catching ups to do. Long story short, 4-days of Comex compressed into one short & simple post:

Super bright floodlights for the Singapore F1 Grand Prix

Catered food this time round is sooooooo much better than the PC Show back in June.. Also help me save 12 meals worth of money =)

Free limited edition F1 tumbler (with serial number) for the first 5 Red Prestige cardholders each day.

I can't believe we have to wait till 6.30PM to give out the 5th one when there are like more than 45,000+ cardholders out there!!

Q&A goodie bag contest is another story, you will be amazed @ how fast (& high) people can jump (onto the stage)!

The Singtel F1 Crew

Treated Jacob & Wong for a pastry dessert @ PanPacific

Us @ the F1 Simulator booth

The X-fi boys - Jacob & Wong, but seems like I know more about X-fi than any of them =P

We 3 had cheesecake dessert @ Cartel after the show

(50% off all cheesecakes after 9pm!)


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