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26 March 2008

Solution to the PCI-Express X1 bug Part2

Continued from Part1...

Test Platform:

Processor: Intel Core2Quad Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz (355x9)
Motherboard: Asus P5B-E Plus Rev.1G (BIOS 0627)
Memory: Kingston HyperX DDR2-800 2x512MB @ (888Mhz 4-4-4-12 2T) Graphics: MSI 8800GT 512MB OC T2D512E (660/950)
Storage: Hitachi 160GB SATA300
Power Supply: Coolermaster iGreen 500W
Monitor: BenQ FP202W 20.1" 8ms

O/S: Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2 32-bit DirectX 9.0c Driver: Forceware 169.28 WHQL
Chipset: Intel INF 8.3.1009

BIOS: 0627

3DMark06 1.0.2 (default setting)
Crysis v1.1 (benchmark tool High 0xAA 0xAF @ 1680x1050 Company of Heroes 1.4 (Max everything @ 1680x1050) PCI-E @ 100Mhz

Impact on HD content:

-I tried a handful of full HD 1080p movie trailers from Apple. Although it's CPU-rendered, but it will be slowed down to a Powerpoint slideshow upon playback, with frame-skips.

Test Results:

PCIE Lanes (Core/Shader/Memory)

On average, 3DMark06 score increased by a staggering 275%!

Though not as significant as 3DMark06,
but the average fps was boost by 183%.

Crysis enjoyed a 223% increase in framerate, as it is a very GPU intensive game, especially with the High settings and resolutions.

Raw Data:

For those who are interested in raw numbers.

Screen-shots (click to enlarge):

Highest possible setting in Company of Heroes.

CoH @ X16: I ran this benchmark at least a dozen times in total, because unlike Crysis & 3DMark06, it's results fluctuate pretty violently.

Crysis (gpu default) @ X1

Crysis (gpu default) @ X16

Crysis (gpu overclock) @ X1

Crysis (gpu overclock) @ X16

3DMark06 (gpu default) @ X1

3DMark06 (gpu default) @ X16

3DMark06 (gpu overclock) @ X1

3DMark06 (gpu overclock) @ X16


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