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10 March 2008

Singtel RedPAC @ Parkway Parade

It was a messy evening at the Somerset Singtel HQ,
Long story short, I was assigned to Parkway Parade & somehow became the team leader for that location (-_-)"

No idea why they assigned me to work at the other side of Singapore,
there's Westmall & Jurong Point which are only 15min away from my house..

Anyway, we are here for the so-call "Singtel RedPAC Road Show",
which turns out to be nothing more than a typical flyers distribution job..

Some attitude guy with the same name as Mao didn't turn up (expected!)

I was told to take photos during our work & send them for report purpose, which I gladly accepted =)

First day first minute of work, we got chased away by the Parkway securities, lol

Don't ask me about that weird red strap hanging around our butts =X

A China guy who was distributing some tuition flyers was nice enough to buy us & the wheel-chair-bound-tissue-paper-$1-aunty drinks!

He asked if our side got vacancy, I gladly hired him & fired the Mao guy.

2nd day: none of them were on time!
I arrived 20min early;
China guy arrived 5min late;
that 2 Retarded-Poly guys were 50min late!!!

Come to think about it, I actually had fun working @ Parkway,
I wouldn't mind going back there next weekend... =P

(some photos were taken by one of the retards' gf)


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