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08 March 2008

AMD Phenom 9100e

AMD Phenom Quad-core 9100e Specifications:

Socket: AM2+ (940)
Core : Agena
Frequency : 1.8GHz
Voltage: 1.10~1.15v
TDP: <65w
Stepping : B2
L1 : 512KB (4x64KB + 4x64KB)
L2 : 2MB (4x512KB)
L3: 2MB shared

CPU-Z screenshot


Most important of all, this processor will be priced around $100~133.
How does a quad-core for half the price of a Q6600 sounds?



Anonymous said...

I'll take a (quad) 1.8 Stars over a (dual) 2.2 Core any day of the week for my tasks. Although you'd get better frames in games on the Pentium.

I love to encode video with DivX, so this can be an upgrade for me.
Although I would have gotten a Core 2 Duo long ago, my board manufacturer never released some sort of bios update to support Core.

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