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05 March 2008

McDonald Outlet Closed Down

"We Are Closed"

"Do Not Pull"


Last week when I came, it was still crowded with people,
now it is like a haunted building.

R.I.P., my favorite Clementi mac... =(

Even the AXS & ATM machine has been removed...

It turned out that the building was to be demolished...


Darth Salacious said...

Well, Singapore's old buildings are going down faster than we can imagine.

I hope that the Singapore heritage board continues it's ongoing preservation efforts, otherwise our city might change so fast that we would lose our heritage in the name of progress.

Everything would be gone. Fond memories. Nice makan places. The like. All gone.

It's sad.

Aaron Peng said...

Which Mac in clementi is that btw?
Clementi Central?

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