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19 January 2008

Nuffnang is STUPID or what?

They are giving me an ad 42-hours after I removed my blog from the account. =)

See screenshot below:


Anonymous said...

Don't give you ads, you complain. Give you ads, you also complain. You just got an axe with grind with them right?

Anonymous said...

looks like the first thing that comes to your mind when you receive the email is not "i've got money from nuffnang!" but "i've got ammunition to shoot nuffnang again!" haha...

Anonymous said...

They only took notice of you because of your blog entry. I bet you. 100000%. Therefore its not genuine. How many times have they treat bloggers better only after they blog about their disatisfaction? So many times i come across. Nuffnang is not genuine in its treatment to the world. They deserve every piece of shit thrown at them. Period.

Anonymous said...

Now that we have Nuffnang, Advertlets and Nufflets, i wonder when is Advertnang coming out?

Anonymous said...

Latest news i heard is that Ming had left Nuffnang. They had been having problems since Nov and few weeks ago i heard its got that bad Ming had walk out.

And also part of the reason was Timothy's father wanted him out(As his father was the key investor in the business). If you recall few months back, Ming handled the PR issue regarding the $1 and he simply attracted all arrows, and since then Timothy's father wanted him out of the Nuffnang public image which is why he was not "allow" to speak to bloggers randomly.

And also, not sure how true is this, Nuffnang Singapore is also closing down.

The last i heard they are moving towards China market.


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