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27 August 2007

Safra Open Schedule

The SAFRA Open 2007 Draw is out,
download the files directly from

(Right-click on the link & select "save as")

Men's Open

Jyh (-3) vs Chhabilal Paija Pun (-11)
MaoMao(0) vs Jeremy Lim (-6)
Bryan Ng (-2) vs Roger Lee Beng Cheong (-6) OR Padam Kumar Rai (-2)

Men's Novice
LLY vs Suresh Tilija Pun
Yihao vs Seet Yong Song
Ken neth vs Rupendra Gurung
Juanhui vs Brandon Tan
MoJO vs Paul Kok Siew Mun OR Gideon Seah

Ladies Open
Joel (0) vs Cheryl Wong (0)

Ladies Novice
Ting Ting vs Shavonne Wong
Esther vs Tan Qian Wen
Mel vs Chua Hui Ying
Ashelyna vs Goh Hui Sien
Yimin vs Hoon Yi Shyuan

Later to come this week,
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