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25 August 2007

Part ONE: Simpsons Movie

2day rained heavily..
Met Kenneth @ our MRT stn, & he was LATE!!!

Here we are outside Plaza GV...

Joel came & told us Jyh will be late,
& MoJo is sick... (yeah rite~)

Bought a fried-shrimp burger fr MOS for breakfast,
nice but $$$...

Bought 3 Ichigo Bliss & share wif Kenneth & Joel,

"frozen strawberry = tasteless + brain-freeze"

Jyh feeling emo...

(Btw, we've got a little present for Mao fr MOS)

The Simpsons Movie at last~
storyline not bad, but the audio system of GV was buggy!!!


Took train to YCK aftwards,
with cheeky Jyh looking @ sch girls..

to be continued...


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