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25 August 2007

Part THREE: Dinner & Pool

Continued from PartTWO...

Went AMK to haf dinner,
Mao had Ban Mian...

Mao, wad u looking at??


Cheeky smile from Mao...

Caught Jyh by surprised with the 2nd camera on my N80~

Aft dinner, went nearby for the famous curry puff,
which I dun give a damn...

Juz look @ Jyh's face, wad a "satisfied" customer... LOL

(Effect is not photoshopped!!!)

Introducing the newest member of X-men: Mao-verine

Mao felt like buying the ski,
so that he can ski in snow city (-_-)"

Price of a Rolex watch --- $13,888

some Ah Lians were trying to pry the lift door open,
thank god we didnt get trapped... =S

Mao u SUCK~!

Price of 2hrs of pooling --- $10

Price of Jyh's expression aft he got thrashed --- PRICELESS

--The End--


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