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06 February 2010

a random trip to Sentosa IR

i have to say this is the weirdest, unnatural looking statue i ever seen...

fancy lighting & escalators bring you to the...

you've got it


take ur time to read...

the yet-to-open Universal Studio Singapore

having been to the ones in Hollywood & Osaka,
I'm pretty sure i wouldn't be disappointed with Singapore's...

security is tight, you can't take the elevator unless you can prove yourself as a hotel guest

i call it The Biggest Loser - Couples' Edition =P

chilling out @ hotel lobby

paid $6 entrance fee to come here read newspaper -.-"

back to Vivo (paid another 2 or 3 bucks to get out of there, what a rip off!)

garlic bread with olive oil & vinegar

Weixian & his filthy claws!!

that reminds me of...

the day he wiped his unwashed hands on mr.Bao's shirt after visiting the toilet!!!
that was back in 27 April 2004.

Caesar salad, my first time having a salad in a restaurant, i think..
if you exclude the countless coleslaw i had in KFC...

wood-fried pizza~ to be honest,
i like the Holland V $10 pizza better..

cheese & more cheese~

everybody loves cheese, see how happy he is!

i'm pretty full before hitting the main course..

are you sure authentic Italian pastas are THIS spicy??

i have no idea what the heck they ordered, but one thing is certain:

he didn't paid a goddamn cent for the $96 bill!!!

flaunting his debit card in public

cabbed to Chevron for a bowling trip,
paid public price coz i brought neither my Nebo nor Chevron card =(

our 4th but not last taxi trip of the day brought us to Holland V

where Bao & me won a few dollars from a live match,

while Weixian reminds poor, and

even poorer after he paid he bill, lol


kenwooi said...

the place looks so cool!
casino! =D

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