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13 December 2009

iPoh-KL GoodFood Trip Part 1

off we go to a short 3D2N tour to Malaysia for some good food...

shark-fin soup with... wanton!?
to our relieve, there's a whole scallop under the wanton skin.

this dish has some sense of humour =)

盆菜, no idea what it is in English..

Basically, its a hawker-centre-in-a-steamboat

Merdeka Square - where Malaysia gained its independence back in 31 Aug 1957

wanna know more, click here

100m flag pole, tour guide proudly claiming it to be the tallest in the world.

should someone tell him North Korea has one @ 160m? nah...

Later, we visited a local chocolate factory outlet,

where prices are sky-high!

Our tour guide was very honest with us, he told us straight that 5% of our purchases goes into his pocket..

Deep-fried paper wrapped chicken for dinner.
Believe me, this is one of the oiliest thing you will ever eat...

this 5-star hotel has a fancy name - Palace of the Golden Horses

very tastefully decorated, full of pictures of celebrities whom stayed - Manchester United, Chelsea, Tiger Woods, David Beckham & many more...

generously spacious room, but not much of a view

Bathroom, with separate shower & bathtub (as a 5-star requirement),
but what happened to the toothbrush, body lotion, shaver & slippers?

this place gives me an "old castle" feel

seriously, there's NOTHING to do here!
gym closed, pool under maintenance & most places are unlit...

even the unicorn is nodding in agreement...


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