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20 December 2009

Changi Haven - A Delayed Post

had to rush there by taxi because somebody's late!

first time visiting the SAF chalets..

at first we thought it was vandalism,
then they were found everywhere!

the chalets look good...

just as I thought we are gonna have a great time,

I realized we are spending the entire day in this meeting room =(

bee hoon & soya bean milk for breakfast..

CO giving his opening speech for reflection day..

while AO is in a fierce battle with the Z-monster, and........

he lost =P


Leon enjoying the after lunch movie screening

"what's ur takeaway?"


Dayze said...

Haha yes, that definitely is one of the cons for Paypal.

Oh wow the chalet does look good!

Anonymous said...

Hello, any idea how to book those chalets? any website?

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