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19 August 2009

Rock Climbing @ Yishun SAFRA

Wong's birthday celebration: all expense paid rock climbing trip to Yishun SAFRA!

(except for transport, insurance, lunch, dinner...)

the intimidating 25m wall which also house the indoor air-con bouldering gym

i dunno how, but he lost his phone =S

Lani attempting the wall with assistance from Jacob

little girl taking on 2 army boys in a rock climbing challenge!

she was given the nickname "mini-Lani"

none of shots were up to standard despite numerous attempts =/

yet another bad shot...

almost got injured trying to replicate my famous 5-Star Elbow Drop stunt

we were knocked out before even hitting the real rock climbing wall...


Wong who has a level 1 climbing cert taught us the knots & stuff...

that was as far as i could go,

not too bad for my first ever rock climbing attempt huh

Jacob up next.. go Sergeant Yeo!!

finally its the Birthday Boy's turn!

he reached higher than both of us did before return safely to earth thanks to the excellent belayer!

2nd attempt: could have reached the top but i was totally exhausted...

Birthday Boy's second attempt!

up he goes...

congrats to Birthday Boy for conquered the wall!

had dinner @ some Hong Kong cafe,
Sergeant Yeo makes a nice background for the $2.90 Ying Yang (milk tea + coffee)

my $8.50 beef spaghetti.. trust me, i can cook better than this..

Happy Birthday to Wong, hope he enjoyed his rock climbing trip~


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