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10 May 2009




52 minutes is the time to beat. Guess what, my timing is 51m57s!! 3 seconds slower & I would have to do it all over again. What a close call~

The truth is, almost nothing went according to plan. After the swim, I had a bit of problem wearing my socks I dunno why. Went through the obstacles rather smoothly, off the ramp with a round of applause from the OCS cadets, which was really encouraging. I was minutes behind time after the up slope killer. Despite the fatigue, I pushed on.

450m from the end point, my stomach turned & I puked. I guess it wasn't a good idea to have roti prata with curry before a CPFT ;P The next thing I know, Sgt Song Po appeared from nowhere & was running with me. Alvin were yelling to me that there's only 20-seconds left. I gave it whatever I've got and sprint to the finishing line, had a last glimpse at the clock, and then I dropped to the ground with a huge sense of relief.

IPPT, SOC & CPFT are the 3 passing criteria for the PTI course. CPFT somehow resembles an army version of the modern biathlon, involving both swimming and running. Here is roughly its components, in sequence:

200m swim with long4 + rifle --> FBO 1.5km run --> clear SOC --> 3.5km rundown

PTI Goodie Bag we collected upon passing the course,

I love the golden cross swords =D

"...the Fitness Specialist knows that it is possible. He himself has stretched his body to those limits, and beyond."


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